Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Garter stitch blanket

I thought that I would try and go for an easy pattern which will strenthen my knitting skills with one technique and this project was excellent - the garter stitch blanket designed by Debbie bliss.

Although it is a long project, you can get pretty bored of doing the knit stitch over and over again, it helps improve your knit stitch, casting on, casting off and seaming techniques. When you do something over and over again, it sticks in your mind and malign all these little squares helps you to evaluate your work and analyse where you can make improvements.

Picture 1 shows my progress so far. Although it is taking me a long time due to having my little one running around me lol.

Tuesday, 26 July 2011


Dear Dante,

It seems that knitting has become my new thing :) I remember when my mum used to do it and how i used to sit there and help her (its not just a granny thing anymore!). So I have decided to take it up again...amongst other new hobby's of mine :).

For the past month, I have been knitting a belt (i know its not much but its a start, isnt it?!). It has taken me this long because knitting is like a whole new other language. But the belt is now complete :) will try and put up a picture of it soon :).

I have been looking up lots of other knitting patterns. You can find loads for free on the internet, however there are a few books that i would like to purchase when i get money :).

For now, though i will have to leave you this small letter due to the fact that i want to come and sleep next to you :).

Have a good nap, my little prince

Mummy loves you

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

too shy or embarassed to help

There is much to say about those who get drunk during day light hours and it is never good comments. However how many of those would actually have the courage to get up and help those, who in the public eye, are seen as an embarassment to everyone and themselves? Well sadly enough, I was one of those who decided to save my own dignity and leave the one who was drunk to embarass himself. And how guilty do you think it made me feel. Well let's just say that I have never shed so many tears.

It only started in the afternoon where my mother in law and I were just waiting outside mcdonalds for the rest of the family. The man who was drunk went inside mcdonalds and sat down, by my sister in law. The first incident was a couple of girls who came out and were talking amongst themselves about the way "im which he looked at them." Now if you are drunk you might see things differently but you have to consider the fact that there must be a reason as to why people get this way in the first place and why we SHOULDN'T JUDGE! The next incidmt was my own sister in law coming outside and saying that when a drink fell down near him, the man tried to pick it up for her but she quickly picked it up before him.

Now I know these things are just minor to some but can if you are drink does that mean you don't have feelings? I wish I had done something, I wish I could have gone to seek some help from sonewhere. However just because you can not Chang the past, it does not mean you can not change your future. Treat others how you want to be treated. Show respect and show humanity.

Next time I will do what my heart tells me to do. Your heart can never steer you wrong.
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Sunday, 12 June 2011

I feel your pain, mummy

Dear Dante,

Getting your needs across at this early stage of your life will and most likely be the hardest task that you will ever have to do. But today it felt as if I could understand you completely. You pointed, I understood. You moaned, I understood. But the one emotion which I never thought you would get at this point is compassion.
You came at me with the tv control and the moment I said "ow", you burst out crying. All I could do was cuddle and reassure you that I was fine. Now if you threw the control at your cousin you would think its a joke. So to think that you cried for mummy made me rethink that our bond is beyond physical and emotional boundaries. The invisible string that holds us together, holds us forever. The love that runs deep and pure can never be tainted and will hold no boundaries to each others when we accomplish and make mistakes.

Love you
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Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Dear Dante,

"Love thy neighbour as thyself"

Baby D, I start my letter to you with a quote that is written throughout the bible. I am not starting to get religious on you but I do want you to know the importance of these five words that will not only be written in books but will come up in your judgement and perspective of those you meet throughout your life. Do not think for one moment that those you meet who are seen in society as "a criminal" or "a nuisance" are, first of all, born that way and second of all, someone you should just turn your nose up at. You need to step back and think about your judgement of them and why you had that thought in the first place. Most of what you perceived with your eye does not tell you the whole picture. You need to be able to not just judge someone with your eyes but with your mouth (communication), your ears (listening) and always with your conscience. Do not ever brush that feeling to one side as it is your guidance. One too many times your mother has pushed it to one side and now she has learned her lesson.

So this is the thought that I leave with you today; Do not think inside the box as society would like you to do. Think freely, think positively and do what your heart says is right.

Lots of bubbles


Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Dear Dante,

I have finally - after many days of stewing - thought that I will write a blog which is dedicated to writing letters to you. I know that it has been - most probably- been done before, but what the hey?! Everyone has their own experiences of parenthood and lifestyle so why not share it with the world. I mean, is that not what writing is all about? The freedom to write and the subconsciously feeling that you want people to actually read what you write?

What my final point here is that tomorrow will have to be the start as i am too tired to think. So Dante, tomorrow my first letter will be written to you. So what else can i write good!

lots of bubbles


Saturday, 23 April 2011


It has started to catch my attention that dante is starting to pick things much more quickly than I thought he would. He is at that stage where he is beginning to follow the most simplest of instructions and that saying no to him is not going to interfere with his curiosity to continue what he was doing. And why should it really? Let's face it..we were all young once and when your young you want to find out how everything works. You want to know what mud is, you want to know what happens when you pull or push something. And why should I stand in the way. The thing that gets me is that if my little one wants to pick up everything he finds in the park (that's not dangerous or rancid) then I will let him. If its something dangerous then I will get involved and tell him, not just no, but a reason as to why he can not continue. He might not understand now but he does understand that I'm saying something that may concern him getting hurt. I don't believe in restrictions for kids. I believe in feeding their curiosity but not to a point where it gets dangerous. Because if I can not feed him the world and the amazing things within it then how will he learn and find things out for himself when he gets older.
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